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2018 Expo: March 16-18

Exclusive CFWE Knife

Cape Fear Wildlife Expo Knife

This knife was exclusively made for the Cape Fear Wildlife Expo!

Designed and forged by Allen Montague, this exclusive CFWE knife is a must have!

Native North Carolina artist Allen Montague Is known for his wide diversity of styles and subject matter. His love of wildlife and the outdoors are the hub of his art. He was inducted into DU in the late 80’s as a lifetime national artist! His work with dozens of wildlife organizations gained him national prominence early on in his career! Whether painting a trout stream in West Virginia, an underwater marlin scene in the Gulf of Mexico, a duck hunt in a Charleston marsh or a quail hunt in the low country, Allen is at home in any setting.

The knife is 8.25″ and includes either a black or antique brown leather sheath.

Price: $195.00

Plus $8.00 shipping and $13.63 NC Sales Tax

Order yours from:

Allen Montague
PO Box 14998
Raleigh, NC 27620