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Cape Fear Wildlife Expo Attractions Sponsor Information

Become a Cape Fear Wildlife Expo Sponsor! Sponsorship packages are outlined below. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business and hand-crafted products and enjoy the rewards of regional and national recognition. Relax knowing an experienced team will deliver a professional event on your behalf.

2017 Attractions Sponsorship

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Virtual Fishing Simulator

Virtual Fishing Simulator | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo

It even looks impressive as it simulates the deck of a private charter fishing boat, complete with custom rods, quality Penn reels and Pompanett fighting chairs.

Players watch real fishing video footage on wide screen TVs and feel the rod bending action as the fish strikes and runs with the line.

The Virtually Hooked Sport Fishing Simulator is an impressive interactive attraction that leaves a lasting impression. The life-like fishing action accurately simulates the feel of catching the “big one”.

Fish include Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Salmon, Smallmouth Bass and Trout. The built-in on-screen scoring system allows anglers to match their fishing skills against each other. Skill-based on-screen scoring adds extra fun and makes it easy to conduct a “virtual fishing tournament” as an added attraction.

Sponsorship for the Virtual Fishing Simulator is $5,000.00 and includes a 10×10 booth space.


Newell Farms Moon Shadow Wolves and Blue Bird Houses

Newell Farms | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo

Newell Farms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Warrenton has expanded its community outreach program by adding several new animals as it works toward establishing a permanent wildlife education facility here.

Frank Newell, founder and CEO of the wildlife rehabilitation center and president/CEO of the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group stated that Newell Farms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Warrenton has expanded its community outreach program by adding several new animals as it works toward establishing a permanent wildlife education facility here.

Coy dogs, like the wildlife center’s Dakotah, are a cross between a coyote and certain breeds of domesticated dogs, such as German police dogs. Center volunteer Michele Shearin said that live wolves are a vital component of the educational programs in order to dispel the image of the large canines as the “big bad wolves” of fairy tales and fables. She teaches about the plight of the wolf over the years, their reintroduction at Yellowstone National Park and wolf family dynamics.

Newell has a lynx named Shawnee and stated that the wild feline would grow to be 40 to 45 pounds as an adult. He has a Nutria named Henry. The web-footed rodents originated in South America, but have spread across the world as a result of domestication.

Frank Newell | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo


Frank Newell is a passionate advocate for the Eastern Bluebird population and for many years he’s been doing his part to make the Warrenton / Lake Gaston area “the Bluebird Capital of the World”. Frank is a retired wildlife specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services Division and a licensed state and federal Wildlife Rehabilitator. He is the founder of the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group and the Newell Farms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Sponsorship for the Moon Shadow Wolves is $3,000.00 and includes a 10×10 booth space.


Cape Fear Raptor Center

“Spread Your Wings”!

Cape Fear Raptor Center | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo

The mission of Cape Fear Raptor Center is to provide compassionate and aggressive rehabilitation services to injured raptors with the goal of release back to their natural habitat. Furthermore, we provide education to citizens of North Carolina and the Southeastern region on the importance that raptors serve in our ecosystem in order to help ensure the presence of raptors in our environment for generations to come.

Cape Fear Raptor Center is a nonprofit organization focused on the medical and surgical rehabilitation of injured or sick birds of prey.

Are you curious about the animals of the world? Learn about a wide array of animals at Rocky Point’s Cape Fear Raptor Center, NC. Round up the whole family and head to the zoo for a fun day of viewing animals and nature.

Sponsorship of the Cape Fear Raptor Center is $2,500.00 and includes a 10×10 booth space.

Cape Fear Raptor Center | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo


W.N.C. Mountain Trout Fishing

W.N.C. Mountain Trout Fishing | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo

Portable Fishing Ponds is usually a main attraction at any event. The set up is very family friendly. “We have seen many a child catch their first fish in one of our ponds”, says Jim Hill. “These ponds are a magnet for people’s attention.”

As a vendor, Portable Fishing Ponds will show up on time, will set up with very little need for assistance and will be ready for action on time. There are two types of fish that can be used; trout and catfish. Our fish are kept just a little bit hungry so the odds of people catching fish right off the bat are very high. “We want people to come enjoy themselves at our pond set-ups. Portable Fishing Ponds will be running a very fun and exciting aspect of any show or event that people invite us to. We love malls, sports shows, fishing shows, boat shows, etc. Once invited, you’ll want us back.”

Sponsorship for the portable fishing pond is $10,000.00 and includes booth space.


North Carolina Bowhunters Association

NC Bowhunters Association | Cape Fear Wildlife Expo

NCBA Mission Statement

Preserving and Promoting Bowhunting

To ensure bowhunting for future generations by preserving and promoting its heritage, tradition, history and values..


  • To increase the awareness and appreciation of the heritage, tradition and history of bowhunting.
  • To remain financially secure, stable and independent through aggressive and continuous membership recruitment, fundraising and other methods of generating revenue.
  • To make the public aware of NCBA’s position on ethics, sportsmanship and bowhunting.
  • To encourage and perpetuate the sport of bowhunting for all legal game.
  • To cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen’s associations, and conservation organizations, and the professional biologists, which are insuring the propagation and preservation of game and its natural habitat.
  • To maintain the accepted status and definition of bowhunting and bowhunting equipment as defined by the Pope & Young Club.
  • To protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow.
  • For the NCBA to be recognized as the spokesman for bowhunting – politically and socially in North Carolina.
  • To have a membership that supports and promotes the NCBA’s principles, programs, and its Constitution and Bylaws.
  • To maintain scientific records keeping program of big and small game animals and fish of North Carolina harvested with bow and arrow while obeying all local, state and federal laws, and NCBA and P&Y “Rules of Fair Chase”.
  • To encourage and conduct educational programs designed to familiarize the public and the bowhunting archer with the safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting, and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game.
  • To have effective Youth Education and Conservation programs.
  • To encourage, above all, adherence to a high standard of sportsmanship and ethics, and to foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters.

Sponsorship for the N C Bowhunters is $2,000.00 and includes a 10×10 booth space.